W: Super Bowl Party – Gysophilia

New things are good things. Mind opening and embracing something you might regularly not is a huge thing when it comes to discovering and enjoying new music. That’s why today, I present to you Halifax’s very own, Gysophilia. They are instrumental group who released their third album called Constellation, recorded with Howard Bilerman, just yesterday. Instrumental music is such a vast field of mixtures and varieties of sounds, and this seven piece band takes incorporating styles to a whole new level. The obvious and audible influences are jazz, classical, soul, swing, funk, Latin and modern rock. Quite honestly, they don’t need words because the guitars, violin, double bass, trumpet, piano and company speak for themselves. They also speak to one and other, and tell a story all their own.

Today’s feature song is from Gysophilia‘s latest album, and I found it to really show their versatility and display their mixed bag of awesomeness. Ladies and gents, “Super Bowl Party”.

Gysophilia are now touring around Quebec and Ontario for the next little while, so catch them if you can! Tour dates and other great things are on their website. They’re also on Twitter.


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